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        L'Oréal Professionnel Inoa 7.42 60 ml

        L'Oréal Professionnel Inoa 7.42 60 ml

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        Hair color L´Oréal INOA Coloration 60ml is a color with ODS technology (oil transfer system). Lightening up to 3 degrees in 35 minutes. The color covers up to 100% of white hair. Easy to mix and apply. The result will be a shiny, even and long-lasting hair color. The package does not contain an activating emulsion. Lightens by up to three degrees.

        Mix for use:
        -60 g long-lasting oxidant 10 Vol. (3%), 20 Vol. (6%) or 30 Vol. (9%)
        6% to cover grays and lighten up to two shades
        9% to lighten up to 3 shades
        -60g cream INOA

        1. Apply with a comb to dye to the roots of dry unwashed hair. & Nbsp;
        2. Apply the color to the entire length of the hair first, then to the roots. & Nbsp;
        3. Exposure time: 35 minutes

        Emulsions and rinsing
        1. Remove by gentle emulsification (without water) first until all color is removed from the hair and scalp. & Nbsp;
        2. When the color of the hair and skin is released, add a little lukewarm or warm water and continue emulsifying. & Nbsp;
        3. Then rinse your hair thoroughly until clear water flows. & Nbsp;

        Technical instructions
        White hair coloring:
        - Up to 70% white hair = apply the selected shade and leave on for 35 minutes
        - 70 to 100% white hair = mix 1/2 tube of the selected shade with 1/2 tubes of the basic natural shade of the same level, apply and leave on for 35 minutes.

        Red shades with DM5 do not mix with other shades.
        - NOA red shades with Rubilane and DM5 cover white hair perfectly without mixing.

        For 0% to 100% white hair: apply the desired color without mixing with a basic natural shade for an intense result.

        These are professional hair colors that are designed for use in hairdressing salons. salons. The application, which is carried out at home, should always be preceded by a consultation with a hairdresser about the appropriate color shade and strength of the activating emulsion. The resulting color always depends on the type and condition of the hair. Wear suitable disposable gloves. Use only with recommended oxidizing emulsions: 30 volume (9%) maximum / Do not use with hydrogen peroxide thicker than 30 volume (9%). Use only in the prescribed amount. Do not use metal tools (combs, bowls, etc.).

        60 ml
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